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Content Creation + Distribution

Creates short form clips from your long form youtube videos and distributing it across all other social media platforms.

1 Videos -> 10 Videos

Optimizing is important. We edit and optimize content to which increases chance of going viral on different social media platforms

Time Saving

You can sit back and build your business. Our team will edit, optimize and schedule posting of your content for all your socials.

Increased Revenue

Building a strong community of your fans can be monetized with incentives and special access, generating additional revenue streams for you.

Consistent Branding

Repurposing content for social media can help maintain a consistent brand image across different platforms also help promote merchandise or other products.

Examples of Short Form Content

Best way to get famous today.

Community Management

Managing and engaging to build a strong community

Increased Engagement

With our community management strategies, creators can better connect with their audience, build stronger relationships, and increase their visibility on the platform.

24/7 Moderation

Moderators implement and enforce community guidelines, monitor activity for inappropriate behavior, and handle disputes or conflicts as they arise while you sleep.

New Experieces

Adventure for creators, exclusive content for the fans. Host events, and live sessions while we gather information on new video ideas or other content-related decisions.

More Opportunities

Opportunity to giveback, to get more content ideas, generate an extra stream of revenue. Giving some loyal fans a chance to talk to you directly, and being part of your videos.

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Meet the Founders

A dynamic duo with a shared experience in growing Youtube channels. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and ton of experience to the table, and are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals through innovative marketing strategies and top-notch customer service.



Josh, a talented entrepreneur and skilled guitarist, has developed a remarkable proficiency in collaborating with influencers. Recognizing the potential for exponential growth, he envisions expanding his network by partnering with the most exceptional YouTubers in the industry.Drawing from his experience managing musicians and influencers, Josh firmly believes that the right manager can empower any artist or creator to achieve remarkable success through their captivating content.



Aditya is an astute entrepreneur and a part-time crypto trader who specializes in building and managing strong communities. His expertise in community management was born from working closely with various NFT projects, where he mastered the art of fostering engagement and collaboration.Aditya firmly upholds the values of truth, mutual respect, and mutually beneficial relationships in the realm of business. He consistently strives to offer value to every individual he encounters without any expectation of reciprocation.

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